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Our focus is on reducing the burden of cardiometabolic, neurodegenerative and musculoskeletal diseases to improve overall health and enable healthy aging.

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Technology and innovation

Our research is motivated by the urge to preserve health and save lives. We develop and utilise innovative technologies and approaches to improve human health across the lifespan.

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Our consumer driven research aims to deliver direct and meaningful impact on community health and wellbeing by addressing real world problems. This is done through public engagement and influencing systems change.

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Our key research outcomes are discovering ways to influence and implement system change towards a sustainable future.


  • Putting heads together on concussion

    Putting heads together on concussion

    ECU’s Nutrition Health Innovation Research Institute (NHIRI) partnered with the WA Concussion Network (WACN) on a symposium on the heavy weighing topic of concussion.

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