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Are you interested in learning more about implementation for research?

Every day, research discoveries are made and solutions to help overcome many health challenges are found. How do we then ensure these solutions are used and reach their full potential? How do we shift our solutions from the laboratory and out beyond the controlled setting of a research trial? Some of the answers to this can be found in implementation science.

The strategies and methods developed by implementation scientists can help us navigate through the challenges of a health and social system ensuring our solutions can have maximum impact. This resource is intended as a place to share lessons, problems and events with a goal to build capacity with implementation science in the West Australian health and health research workforce.


If you haven’t yet responded, we are seeking insight to your knowledge and confidence in implementation science. Whether you are completely lost, somewhat familiar, or you own this space with a capital I, we kindly ask you to complete the short survey to help us identify the best starting point from which we can build this community.

We are inviting health researchers, practitioners and related professionals to complete a 2-minute survey. Your responses will help us understand how our hub can best meet your implementation needs:

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