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A sustainable future

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The overarching aim of research in this domain is to understand how nutrition and physical activity focused research impact individual health.

This will provide evidence for better nutritional and physical activity approaches to improve health across the lifespan, and develop innovative technologies for translation and health promotion.

Strategies to extend reach to different target groups through a range of modalities are explored. Discovering ways to influence and implement system change towards a sustainable future are key outcomes.

Particular areas of focus include:

  • food literacy
  • food security
  • food environments
  • plant based diets and health impacts
  • early intervention in children
  • sustainable agriculture
  • health literacy

Researchers engage with key stakeholders, government, not for profit organisations and educators to ensure research is answering real world questions, informed by the consumer and shared with the community to provide real impact.

Working in placed based settings our researchers are engaged with community members to help improve lives.

Examples of our work in this area include:

Gut health and microbiome

Nutrition and food literacy across the lifespan

Food security and food environments

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