Rae-Chi Huang

Rae-Chi is a member of the Nutrition & Health Innovation Research Institute and practicing paediatrician.

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Rae-Chi Huang

Rae-Chi Huang is a practicing paediatrician and researcher who has dedicated her working life to understanding and trying to make a difference with respect to treatment and prevention of childhood non-communicable disease.  The recent pandemic of overweight/obese children accompanied with soaring prevalence of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes has prompted Rae-Chi to investigate E-Health interventions and the pathogenesis of cardiovascular and related metabolic disease with a particular emphasis on their origins in pregnancy and early childhood.

Rae-Chi’s research career has been supported by multiple NHMRC fellowships and funding. She currently leads NHMRC project “A two generation population study of obesity epigenetics” and the Australian arm of the EU “Early-life stressors and LifeCycle health”.

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