Participate in a study

Participate in a study

Studies seeking volunteers

There are a number of studies providing the opportunity to be involved in life changing research across the lifespan.

Wise & Well Study – Volunteers are invited to participate in the Wise & Well Study which seeks to assess the health impacts of a diet and lifestyle behaviour change program. We are seeking woman aged between 60 and 80 years to participate in a 12 month study. 

Women’s Health Study – Join our group sessions in Perth, where we will discuss what makes it easier or harder to live a healthy lifestyle for female stroke survivors and caregivers.

Happy Parenting Program – investigating new ways to provide support to parents with young children from an early age to discover how we can better help parents establish a good relationship with their child from infancy

ACE Feeding Study – collecting information on the opinions and attitudes of new mothers around breastfeeding, as well as looking at the breastfeeding rates of women in WA.

In addition, the ECU Health Centre Research Register is a database of people who agree to receive information about research projects which match their areas of interest. You can read more information and register your details on the ECU Health Centre website.

Some examples of our current projects are:

  • Investigating genetic and lifestyle determinants of abdominal aortic calcification, and their relationship with cardiovascular disease
  • Emerging technologies and approaches to enhance health for people on texture modified diets
  • Explainable AI Frameworks for Automatic Detection and Localisation of Abdominal Aortic Calcification
  • Nitrate: the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of human health?
  • Improving quality of life in people with lower limb osteoarthritis
  • Extent Motor cortex Excitability, Endogenous analgesia and lower-limb Muscle strength are associated with disability in hip OsteoArthritis (The MEEMOA study)
  • Mindful mouthfuls: Developing healthy eating behaviours from infancy
  • Effective Exercise Implementation for the Future: Value assessment for sustainable translation of exercise oncology interventions
  • Risk and protective factors for injury and occupational performance success in law enforcement recruits: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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